Windows 8.1 x86 unable to boot

In this case a friend of mine was complaining that his pc was unable to boot to Windows 8.1 x86 OS, because it was stuck in endless loop of automatic repair and restart. Automatic repair was unable to fix windows booting problem.
Since Automatic Repair was unable to fix the booting problem, I've entered into command prompt (Troubleshoot->Advanced Options-> Command Prompt) and tried to fix the problem using bootrec.exe. I ran the bootrec.exe with /Fixmbr and /Fixboot options, but none of them have succeeded to fix the booting problem.
Diskpart was showing all the partitions on the disk that should be present, and configured as should.

Because bootrec.exe didn't fix the booting problem, I've tried to run bootsect with following options :
bootsect /nt60 C:
And finally the Windows 8.1 x86 booting problem was successfully solved.

For more info about these utilities check Microsoft articles bootsect, bootrec, diskpart .

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