How to find the latest OS Image from Microsoft Azure Galery

This post is for reference and is intended to simplify the way of finding the latest available operating system image from Azure gallery using PowerShell (I will not get into details how to connect to your azure subscription using PowerShell).
Here is an example of how to get the latest image for Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter edition:

$OSImage = (Get-AzureVMImage | where {$_.ImageFamily -like "Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter*"} | sort PublishedDate -Descending)[0].ImageName

or Ubuntu Server 14 LTS:

$OSImage = (Get-AzureVMImage | where {$_.ImageFamily -like "Ubuntu Server 14*LTS*"} | sort PublishedDate -Descending)[0].ImageName

The logic in these one liners PowerShell is very simple, the output from Get-AzureVMImage is first filtered by ImageFamily and then sorted descending by PublishedDate. The first listed (latest published) image name is put into $osimage variable. Now, "armed" with latest image of the operating system, you can proceed in creating Azure Virtual Machine.


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