Hyper V VMs revert to snapshot

I'm writing this post because I would like to share my experience of teaching MOC 20341B Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 with my fellows MCTs. After each module there is a lab in which students can practice with virtual machines reverted to initially created snapshot. Also, after teaching each module I'm reverting VMs to their initial state, before starting to teach the next module.
In order to simplify this task of reverting VMs to their initial state, I wrote quick single liner powershell in which I'm reverting VMs that are running and their name contains 20341B:

Get-VM | ? { $_.state -eq 'Running' -and $_.name -like '*20341B*' } | % { Write-host $_.name ; Get-VMSnapshot $_.name | Restore-VMSnapshot -Confirm:$false }

This single liner powershell can be improved and adjusted to your needs, for example revert VMs on all student's Hyper V hosts ...

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