Microsoft Office 2010 Professional encountered an error during setup

A friend of mine has complained that he was unable to reinstall Office 2010 Professional on his laptop. The reason for his decision to reinstall Office 2010 was that latest updates for Office 2010 were failing to install on his Windows 8.1. The installer was failing to install the updates with generic code 1603. He has successfully uninstalled Office 2010 using Fix it from following location:

Running the setup from Office 2010 installation CD, the installer was not detecting the old installation of Office 2010, and was trying to install new Office 2010 suite, but was failing with following error "Microsoft Office 2010 Professional encountered an error during setup" :

The error message is generic and not so descriptive, but fortunately Microsoft has published the following KB927153 article. Following the instruction from article, has successfully solved the problem. The new installation of Office 2010 has completed successfully, and all office 2010 related updates were successfully installed.

KB954430 repeatedly reinstalls

A colleague of mine was complaining that he had to install same update every day on his workstation. Every time he clicked to install the update, the same update was offered for installing again and again. The "problematic" update was KB954430 Security Update for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2. Microsoft has published an article for resolving this kind on behavior in following KB 941729.
By following the instructions which are consisted of renaming the msxml4.dll and installing the latest MSXML security update, the annoying behavior of reinstalling the same update KB954430 again and again, has been successfully resolved.

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