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High CPU Usage from System Interrupts Process

In this case, a colleague of mine was complaining that her workstation was running very slow even tough the workstation was memory upgraded. Since the term "running slow" is very relative, I needed info about the hardware and OS. The operating system was Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64, and hardware was HP ProDesk 600 G1.
The reason for this "running slow" behavior was the CPU usage of system interrupts process. 20-30% of the CPU usage was dedicated to this process all the time. From my experience the reason for this kind of behavior is hardware or driver related. The OS was fully patched with latest updates. So, I've started updating the drivers and BIOS. After updating the drivers and BIOS to the latest HP official versions the behavior was still the same, system interrupts process was holding 20-30% of the CPU. There were no pending restarts. And, the CPU usage behavior was the same on every restart. This behavior of high CPU usage from System Interrupts process…