Can't add users in message delivery restrictions for distribution group on Exchange 2010

In my case there were active directory and mailbox disabled users, that were listed as allowed senders for distribution group. When tried to add new users as allowed senders for distribution group, there was error message:

Error: Couldn't find object "domain/ou/disabled user". Please make sure that it was spelled correctly or specify a different object.
Resolution for this problem is to remove disabled users as allowed senders, which can't be seen from Exchange Management Console 2010. One way to do that is to enable advanced feature in active directory users and computer console and edit the authOrig attribute from Attribute Editor. Remove all disabled accounts, refresh Exchange Management Console and you will be able to add new users as allowed senders for distribution group.

Enabling ipv6 on Windows Server 2003 DNS

IPv6 is not by default enabled on Windows Server 2003, installing ipv6 can be done from control panel (Network Connections -> Properties -> Install -> Protocol -> Add -> Microsoft TCP/IP version 6) . Assigning manual IPv6 address is not possible via GUI, so we'll use netsh :

netsh interface ipv6 add address [interface=]string [address=]ipv6address
for example: netsh interface ipv6 add address interface="Local Area Connection" address=2001:520:432:cafe::543

You can view ipv6 routing table using :
netsh interface ipv6 show routes
Adding gateway for this network interface can be done also with netsh, for example:
netsh interface ipv6 add route ::/0 "Local Area Connection" 2001:520:432:cafe::1

To configure DNS to listen over IPv6, install Windows Support Tools from installation cd rom from \Support\Tools\suptools.msi. Execute:
dnscmd /config /EnableIPv6 1
and restart the DNS service.

Using nslookup you can test the functionality of the DNS

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