Enabling ipv6 on Windows Server 2003 DNS

IPv6 is not by default enabled on Windows Server 2003, installing ipv6 can be done from control panel (Network Connections -> Properties -> Install -> Protocol -> Add -> Microsoft TCP/IP version 6) . Assigning manual IPv6 address is not possible via GUI, so we'll use netsh :

netsh interface ipv6 add address [interface=]string [address=]ipv6address
for example: netsh interface ipv6 add address interface="Local Area Connection" address=2001:520:432:cafe::543

You can view ipv6 routing table using :
netsh interface ipv6 show routes
Adding gateway for this network interface can be done also with netsh, for example:
netsh interface ipv6 add route ::/0 "Local Area Connection" 2001:520:432:cafe::1

To configure DNS to listen over IPv6, install Windows Support Tools from installation cd rom from \Support\Tools\suptools.msi. Execute:
dnscmd /config /EnableIPv6 1
and restart the DNS service.

Using nslookup you can test the functionality of the DNS

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