Check Microsoft Exchange Services

In this post I would like to share one liner PowerShell, which I'm using in my Exchange test lab environment to check if all Microsoft Exchange services set to start automatically are running, and if not to start them:
"exserver1","exserver2" | % { get-wmiobject win32_service -computername $_ -filter "startmode = 'auto' and state != 'running' and name like 'MSExchange%'" |  % {write-host $_.PSComputername, $; $_.startservice() | out-null }}

In my case there are two exchange servers exserver1 and exserver2, but you can change them to reflect your environment.
I'm also sharing this one liner PowerShell with my students when I'm teaching Microsoft Exchange courses to easily check MS Exchange services on their lab virtual machines. Sometimes not all necessary MSExchange services are started when the lab virtual machines boots up, and there might be problems during student's testing of lab scenarios. This one liner PowerShell is very simple way to avoid that situation.


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