Internet Explorer consumes high memory usage and CPU cycles (not responding)

Couple of weeks ago, colleagues of mine started complaining about not responsive behavior of Internet Explorer 11 when they were using their line of business web application. My response to their complaining was: please reset the Internet Explorer to defaults and reboot your PC, and the problem will be solved. This was a cure in many previous cases of not responsive Internet Explorer behavior. But, in this case this method was not fixing the issue. Number of helpdesk calls and tickets opened were growing, about this Internet Explorer not responsive behavior when users were using their LOB web application.
Here is a screenshot of this high memory consumption and high CPU cycles from Internet Explorer process:

After some investigation, this behavior was typical for users that were working on machines with installed KB3096441 : MS15-106: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer: October 13, 2015. This behavior was confirmed by Microsoft and hotfix was published with following KB3119070. After installation of this hotfix, Internet Explorer 11 was behaving normally when this LOB web application was used.
Also, this "bad" behavior of Internet Explorer is fixed with KB3104002 MS15-124: Security update for Internet Explorer: December 8, 2015.


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