Create Exchange Address Lists

For quick creation of exchange address lists, EAC or EMC can be used, when only a subset of AD attributes are needed for creating filter (AD container, State or Province, Company, Department, ExchangeAtribute1-15). If these attributes does not meet your needs for creating filter, Exchange Powershell is your friend. New-AddressList contains RecipientFilter parameter for creating advanced queries for filtering recipients. For more info about filterable properties that can be used in RecipientFilter parameter please check the following article : .

For example:
New-AddressList -Name TestList -RecipientFilter {((Alias -ne $null) -and (((Recipienttype -eq 'UserMailbox') -or (Recipienttype -eq 'MailUniversalDistributionGroup') -or (Recipienttype -eq 'MailUniversalSecurityGroup') -or (Recipienttype -eq 'PublicFolder')) -or ((Recipienttype -eq 'MailContact') -and (ExternalEmailAddress -like '*'))))}
In this example, TestList address list is created with following requirements: Alias is set and recipient types are UserMailbox, UniversalDistributionGruoup, UniversalSecurityGroup, Publicfolder and only Mailcontacts that have in their External Email Address.

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