How to request SAN certificate using mmc

You can use certificate mmc console to request SAN certificate for your web server (server authentication). After you have add snap-in for certificates for your local computer store, you can create custom request :

Certificate enrolment wizard will start. On Before You Begin page click Next and on Select Certificate Enrollment Policy select Custom Request (Proceed without enrollment policy) and Next.

On Custom Request page for Template options select (No template) Legacy key :

On Certificate Information click Details and click Properties :

enter friendly name for the certificate :

On Subject tab add desired common name and alternate names for certificate :

Some Public CAs require some additional information in certificate request, like Country:

On Extensions tab add Server authentication for application policies :

On Private Key tab select key options and key type :

Click OK to go back to wizard page and click Next to save the request to file :

After finishing wizard, you will have certificate request in BASE 64 format, and you can make a request to external or internal certificate authority. After processing your request, CA will issue certificate which you can import to computer local store and you will have valid SAN certificate with associated private key, ready for assigning to your web site.


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