Missing rule in Outlook

In this case, scheduled meetings to a user were mysteriously forwarded to a group of users. Helpdesk engineers have removed all the rules that could be seen for that user mailbox, and again all scheduled meetings for that user were again forwarded to this particular group of users. Helpdesk team escalated this user issue to Exchange admins in order to do same tracking. And from Exchange tracking logs can be seen that scheduled meetings were forwarded by mailbox rule ?!?!? :

But, where is that rule ? Get-InboxRule for this user mailbox returned nothing, because helpdesk engineers have removed all the rules, and still there is a rule in this user mailbox that is forwarding the scheduled meetings. So, obviously there is a rule corruption for this user mailbox, and MFCMAPI is your friend. Latest version of this tool can be downloaded from codeplex http://mfcmapi.codeplex.com/ .

Please follow this article https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/hkong/2015/02/27/how-to-delete-corrupted-hidden-inbox-rules-from-a-mailbox-using-mfcmapi/ , to learn how to delete corrupted rules with this very powerful tool.

After deleting this corrupted rule from the user mailbox, no other scheduled meetings were forwarded from this user to the particular group of users.

And again, please be very careful when using MFCMAPI in order to avoid corruption.


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