Internal Storage Enclosure Device Failure on HP DL380 Gen8

In this case, I was experiencing error notification from HP DL380 gen8 server ILO. The error message logged into Integrated Management Log was classified as Critical with following description:
Drive Array Controller Failure (Slot 0)
Also, there was a triggered ILO SMTP alert message with following subject :
(CRITICAL) Internal Storage Enclosure Device Failure

From the following alert there must be something bad happening to the specified HP DL 380 Gen8 server, but he operating system running on that server was running without any problems. Also, there were no errors generated on HP ACU (Array Configuration Utility) on specified server. So, my conclusion was that ILO on that server has generated "false positive" alert. I've decided to reset the ILO. I guess, the easiest way to reset the ILO is using the ILO web interface:
Information->Diagnostics->Reset iLO
After resetting the iLO, the alert was resolved, and there were no open issues with that HP DL 380 gen8 server.

There is published HP customer advisory regarding this issue, suggesting to upgrade iLO and Smart Array Controller Firmware on following link:


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