Windows 10 Technical Preview demos

I have uploaded short videos on YouTube about:
  • Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview on Hyper V : .
    This video covers:
    • download location of the Windows 10
    •  Hyper V VM provisioning and installation of the Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Technical Preview Features : .
    This video covers:
    • Introduction of the "new" Start Menu (Resize, Drag and drop, Add Recycle bin to start menu, Change the size of the tiles, Turn live tile (on|off), Switch between Start Menu and Start Screen)
    • Operating System version
    • Introduction of the new experimental tab on command prompt properties, from where the opacity of the window can be changed (for example), new features for selecting text, CTRL+C, CTRL+V .
    • PowerShell version
    • Internet Explorer version
    • Virtual desktops (create, delete, switch)
    • "New" applications run in window mode

I've added some annotations during video playback, so recommended view of the videos is from desktop.


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