The Software Protection service entered the running state

In this case I have experienced Event ID 7036 from Service Control Manager source with following information:
The Software Protection service entered the running state.
This event was filling up the System event log, because the same event was generated every 30 seconds.
In my case I have stopped this event from logging by starting the system from Control Panel (the system was already activated), but anyway clicked the View Details in Windows Activation and click the Activate with a new key. On Windows Activation wizard page, clicked cancel and new event with same ID 7036 was logged but with information that:
The Software Protection service entered the stopped state.
After this event, there were no more events with id 7036 logged for every 30 seconds in system event log with information that software protection service entered the running state.



  1. I have a KMS-server in my environment.
    I had a WS12R2 server with this problem and after running the command "slmgr /ato" on the server the event didn't occur again and the Software Protection service remained stopped.

    1. I have a Windows Server 2012 Standard which acts as a KMS host. I've run "slmgr /ato" but it didn't fix the issue.


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