Application Catalog website point Status:Critical

In this case I was deploying Cumulative Update 1 for SCCM 2012 R2 and installation of CU has completed successfully, but Application Catalog website point site system role was in status Critical. Before installation of CU1, Application Catalog website point was in status OK. So, the quest for searching why the application catalog website point was in status Critical after installation of CU1 has begun.
  • I checked the log files and there were no errors in them.
  • All components were in status OK
  • There were no error messages for components
  • All counts were reset
  • System rebooted
And still the Application catalog website point was in status Critical, even though software center application catalog from clients was working as expected.
Finally, I have reinstalled the application catalog website point system role, and mysteriously the status was changed in OK state.


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