Outlook 2013 gets Contacting the server for information ...

In this case some Outlook 2013 users were complaining that sometimes their favorite email client was going into non responsive state, whenever they were replying to some email message. The Outlook 2013 was not responding with following message:
Contacting the server for information ...
They all had in common, that they were replying to same external contact with faulty picture (icon) in his(her) signature, even though Automatic Download Outlook settings were set not download pictures.
One way to resolve this behavior was to ask this external contact to change this faulty signature, but this was not an option.
Another way to resolve this situation was to change the email formatting when replying to emails to this contact into plain text, but this option is available only when email message is popped out from outlook causing again numerous "Contacting the server for information ..." messages.
And finally the last, and I guess the easiest way was to block the access to this faulty link. The faulty link was on Internet, and after denying the access to this faulty URL, replying to email messages to this external contact with faulty signature was not a problem anymore.


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