How to sign powershell scripts

In order to sign powershell scripts, code signing certificate is needed. Finding code signing certificates from user personal certificate store and storing it to a variable called $signcert can be done using following powershell command:

$signcert = (dir cert:currentuser\my\ -CodeSigningCert)
After storing the certificate for signing into $signcert, we can use Set-AuthenticodeSignature to sign the script. I'm running the Set-AuthenticodeSignature with TimeStampServer parameter, that will provide signed script to run even though the signing certificate gets expired. In most cases this scenario will be OK.
There are a lot of TimeStampServer providers, in my example I'll use server from Comodo. So, the signing script cmdlet will look like this :

Set-AuthenticodeSignature .\scripttobesigned.ps1 $signcert -TimestampServer

There is great two part tutorial about signing scripts on:



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