Quickly archive log files on daily basis

In this case server was creating log files few in a second and by the end of the day there were tons of logs in the folder, and manipulations with those files was painful. So, I decided to make a scheduled task which will archive log files older then one day, and delete them after they were added to the archive. I was using rar as archiving solution, and here is the command for the task:

"C:\Program Files\winrar\rar.exe" a -ag -df -to1d -x*.rar  destinationfolder\archivename- sourcefolder\*.*
  • a will add files to archive
  • -ag will stamp archive name with current date
  • -df will delete files after archiving
  • -to1d will process files older than 1 day
  • -x*.rar will exclude rar files in archive if any

Archive name will look like: archivename-YYYYMMddhhmmss.rar .

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