Unable to reboot remote system

In my case remote workstation was XP and a user was unable to connect using remote desktop client, after disconnecting from the same computer couple of minutes ago. I have decided to initiate reboot of the client workstation using:
shutdown /f /r /m \\computername,
but the machine was hung up, and I tried to initiate same command again but the response was :
A system shutdown is in progress.(1115)
After waiting few more minutes the client workstation was not rebooted.
Because there was no one around the client machine to see what's happening on the monitor, and the user desperately needed to establish remote connection to the client workstation I have decided to kill the winlogon process. Using PSKill from PSTools suite I have executed:
pskill -t \\computername winlogon

and the remote workstation was rebooted. Note that killing winlogon process is nearly the same as pulling the plug on the machine.

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