Error events FSEAgent event id 8056 and Microsoft Forefront Protection event id 7063

In my case on one of the Exchange 2010 multi role servers with installed Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange in server's application log, error events from FSEAgent with event ID 8056 :
1 messages have been archived and purged due to an error while scanning. Please ensure that mail is not queuing.
and from Microsoft Forefront Protection with Event ID 7063 :
Archived undeliverable items exist.
started to appear every hour. And as error message is suggesting there was one message that was not processed and queues were not piled up, so user was notified to remove the problematic attachments and resend the message. To avoid these error events from showing up in exchange 2010 application log, I  deleted the "problematic" message from sub folder (for my case in) in drive:\install folder\Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server\Data\Archive\Undeliverable\ .

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