Warning messages on BES Express hosted on Exchange 2010

After delegating all permission to your service account for your BES Express on your Exchange 2010 databases, define policy throttling and so on ... (check installation guides on http://docs.blackberry.com/en/admin/subcategories/?userType=2&category=BlackBerry+Enterprise+Server&subCategory=BlackBerry+Enterprise+Server+for+Microsoft+Exchange ) you're expecting that everything is working properly on server and client side. Unfortunately, if you have configured Load Balancers in your Exchange 2010, you will receive tons of warning messages in your application log on BES Express server, something like :

The resolution for the problem is published as kb KB22812 , or long story short try to avoid load balancers (point bes express server on some of your CAS servers behind defined Load Balancer, using hosts file).


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