Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Unable to delete VHD from VMM library

While browsing the VMM 2012 SP1 library, I found an obsolete VHD, and I wanted to delete it from there. But, when I tried to delete this obsolete VHD, VMM was complaining with following error message:

The library object (Name of the VHD) cannot be removed because following objects are dependent on it:
Virtual Hard Disk deployment configuration
In order to delete this VHD from VMM library I have opened table tbl_WLC_VHDConfig from VM database using SQL Management Studio. In this table there is a column named "SourceLocation". In this column we can find the ID of the offending VHD. But how to find the ID of VHD ? Using Get-VirtualHardDisk cmdlet you can list all the VHDs with their IDs:
Get-VirtualHardDisk | ft name,id
Now when we have the ID of the VHD, we can create new query from SQL Management Studio to delete the row containing VHD ID in SourceLocation column:

Delete From dbo.tbl_WLC_VHDConfig Where SourceLocation = 'VHD ID'

Note: Make a backup of the VM database before changing (deleting) rows from database, and this operation is not recommended by Microsoft, so perform at your own risk.

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